Shoulder Injuries & Sporting Injuries


While playing sports is great for your health, it can also result in sporting injuries. A number of sports have sporting injuries typical to that particular sport which can range in severity from minor to very serious. At Core Physiotherapy Brighton Le Sands we have found that early treatment of minor sporting injuries and shoulder injuries can usually prevent these problems from becoming severe.  In some cases, surgery might have to be performed before physiotherapy can begin, and in these cases physiotherapy can be essential in restoring normal function following the operation.

Anatomy showing areas that are affected in many shoulder injuries

Common sporting injuries

Common causes of sporting injuries are poor training practices, flawed techniques, improper equipment or accidents. Some the most common sporting injuries that we treat here at Core Physiotherapy in Brighton Le Sands, include:

  • Strains and sprains

These two are the most common sporting injuries that require physiotherapy. A sprain is a tear or overstretching of a ligament. Sprains are most common in ankles, knees, and wrists. You get a strain when the fibres in a tendon or muscle stretch too far.

  • Knee injuries

Sporting injuries involving knees are said to be minor if they are either tendonitis, runner’s knee or iliotibial band syndrome. Severe knee injuries, on the other hand, involve damage to ligaments or cartilage. In both cases you need a physiotherapist

  • Shin splints

A shin splint involves pain along the shin bone usually felt at the front outside part of your lower leg. These kind of sporting injuries are common with runners after running on hard surfaces and will require physiotherapy.

  • Fractures

These sporting injuries are caused by an injury to the bone. Some fractures may require surgery but many others can be set in a cast.  Casting is also a service available here at Core Physiotherapy Brighton Le Sands.  I all cases this type of injury should be followed up with physiotherapy once the cast is removed.  Stress fractures can occur mostly in the fees or legs due to sports like jumping or running sport.

  • Dislocations

When bones in a joint are pushed out of alignment, the result is a dislocation. They mostly occur in contact sports such as football. Also, falling and excessive stretching can cause these types of sporting injuries. Commonly, they occur in fingers, hands, and shoulders.  Physiotherapy and an specific exercise routine can substantially reduce the chance of this injury reoccurring.

Common shoulder injuries

Shoulders are most the most mobile of body joints. Thus taxing the shoulder with repeated overhead movements can cause shoulder injuries. Participation in contact sports a risk factors. Most shoulder injuries involve tendons, ligaments, and muscles and therefore require a physiotherapist to intervene. The following are the major types of shoulder injuries:

  • Instability

These kind of shoulder injuries occur when one of the joints is pushed out of its normal position. This can result in dislocation of the shoulder joint affected requiring physiotherapy. One is likely to feel pain when raising an arm or the shoulder drifting out of place.

  • Impingement

Impingement is caused by excessive rubbing of shoulder muscles on part of shoulder blades known as acromion. This is due to excessive overhead arm motions and may require intervention by a physiotherapist.

  • Rotator cuff muscles

These kind of shoulder injuries is common in athletes who participate in repetitive sports that involve overhead movements. The main symptom of rotator cuff injuries is stiffness, reduced range of motion, and weakness in the shoulder. To correct it, a physiotherapy is essential.

If you are suffering from any of these injuries  Core Physiotherapy Brighton Le Sands can help.

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