The Advantage of Using Physiotherapy to Treat Neck pain and Headaches


Neck pain and headaches occur when there is strain or dysfunction in muscles, ligaments or skeletal structure of the neck. The neck is built of vertebrae that extend from the upper torso to the skull with the cervical discs absorbing shock between neck bones. This is then supported by the muscles, and ligaments of the neck.  Physiotherapy to alleviate neck pain and headaches is directed towards removing the underlying stress and correcting the alignment of the ligaments and muscles.

Diagnosing the source of neck pain or headaches.

In a 2007 study published in the British Medical Journal, it was established that physiotherapy is one of the most effective ways of treating neck pain and resultant headaches.
As with most ailments successful therapy begins with accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes.  This may be posture or occupation related or more obviously caused by injury.  Although pain medication may be used, this is not a permanent solution and the neck pain and headaches are likely to spring up as soon as the effects of the drug have waned.

  • Stiff neck joints

First, stiff neck joints will be unlocked or loosened through mobilization or gentle gliding techniques. Gentle joint traction and localized joint mobilization technique are helpful in relieving headaches and neck pain in many cases.

  • Hypermobility

If you have hypermobile or dynamically unstable joints, the type of physiotherapy recommended may include deep neck muscle strengthening exercises. The aim of this is to stabilize, control, and limit the excessive joint movement.

  • Tight or overactive muscles

Some of the physiotherapy techniques recommended for treating tight and overactive muscles include stretching exercises and massage.  At our Physiotherapy clinic in Brighton LE Sands we have developed a number of relaxing techniques that are very helpful in relieving neck pain and headaches.

  • Weak muscles

Patients with weak neck muscles, they may also require physiotherapy techniques that involve strengthening exercises to better support the ligaments and bone structure of your neck.

  • Nerve dysfunction

At Core Physiotherapy we have also observed many cases or neck pain or headaches that are caused when nerves are impinged by unequal muscle tension. This is known as neuro-sensitivity and should be handled carefully with the proper professional care.

  • Posture correction

To get rid of those nagging headaches, Core Physiotherapy may also recommend posture correction through a balanced set of exercises and posture awareness techniques.
Physiotherapy can give you quick and effective results in relieving your pain. However, as earlier observed, you need to first have the underlying cause of your neck pain or headaches needs to be diagnosed to ensure that the correct treatment options are implemented.

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